Slovak international scientific journal

Slovak international scientific journal was created to deliver the most important results of scientific activity to the world’s scientific society.

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Terms of publishing articles in the journal

Reception of materials for publication in the first issue of the journal "SIS journal" is officially opened

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SIS journal

Slovak international scientific journal was created  to deliver the most important results of scientific activity to the world’s scientific society.

By issuing the journal, our organization pursuits the following goals:

– Firstly, to provide the possibility to publish their works containing the results of research to scientists, undergraduates, doctoral graduate students, as well as to other members of the scientific process.

– Secondly, we try to establish the exchange between researchers from different regions and countries.

– Thirdly, we pursue a policy of open access to electronic versions of reviewed scientific publications, contributing thus to the improvement of scientific information exchange and enhancing citation of works and, consequently, the effectiveness of scientific activity of the authors by publishing them in the journal.

The journal is the reviewed scientific publication. All scientific papers are subjected to rigorous editing before the publication.

The main headings of the journal are:

Earth and Space Exploration


Earth sciences



Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Experimental physics




Construction and architecture

Electrical engineering


Computer science

Materials science and Mechanics of machines

Measuring systems

Medical sciences

Experimental pharmacology and toxicology

Molecular physiology and genetics



Normal and pathological physiology

Biological and chemical sciences


Inorganic chemistry

Molecular biology


Agricultural and veterinary sciences

Biochemistry and genetics of animals

Physiology of animals


Forest ecology

Landscape ecology

Parasitological science

Genetics and Biotechnology

Historical sciences




Human and social sciences


Social communication studies





Political sciences

State and law

Arts and Culture

History of art



Slovak literature

World literature

Theatre and Cinema

The journal has a certificate of registration at the International Centre in Paris – ISSN 5782-5319.

The frequency of publication – 12 times per year.

Reception of articles in the journal – on the daily basis.

The output of journal is monthly scheduled.

Languages: All articles are published in the language of writing by the author.

The format of the journal is A4, coated paper, matte laminated cover.

Articles published in the journal have the status of international publication.

Currently, the journal is preparing to be placed in the following indexes and scientific databases:

  • Index Copernicus,
  • Global Impact Factor,
  • Scientific Indexing Services,
  • International Scientific Indexing,
  • Open Academic Journals Index.

In the future, we plan to prepare the journal to be placed in SCOPUS and Web of Science.

The Editorial Board thanks the authors for participating in the first issue, wishes the fruitful scientific activity and is waiting for new articles, analytical reports, and reviews!