The rules for article’s formalization

Dear authors!

Every send article must be formalized according to the requirements stated below.

The volume of the article must be not less than 5 pages.

The parts of the article are as follows:

  • The name of the article in the language of origin and in English,
  • Information about authors in the language of origin and in English,
  • Annotation in the language of origin and in English,
  • Keywords in the language of origin and in English,
  • The text of the article.

The data about the authors of the article must contain the academic degree, job position or study position, and the contact data.

The title of the article must reflect the contents of the article, the theme, and results of the conducted scientific research. The title of the article must embrace the informativeness, uniqueness, and the attractiveness of the scientific creation of the author.

The annotation is the short characteristics of the essence, type, fulfilling, form and other peculiarities of the article. The annotation must reflect the basic and valuable, according to the opinion of the authors, objects, and conclusions of the performed research. The recommended volume of the annotation is 300-500 characters (see more).

The keywords are the set of words that reflect the contents of the text in the terms of the object, scientific field, and methods of research. The recommended number of keywords is 5-7, the number of words within one keyword is not more than three.

Formulas, equations, drawings, photographs, and tables must have the signatures or headers.

The bibliographical link shall contain the bibliographical data about the cited, mentioned or considered in the article or another document, obligatory and enough to its identification, search, and the general characteristics.

Formalization of the text:

Fields – 2 cm on all sides.

Font – Times New Roman (if necessary – the other one; if the font is not included in the list of formally accepted, it must be sent in a separate file).

Font size – 14.

Line spacing – 1.5.

Indentation – 1.25.

Orientation – book-align, without pagination, without hyphenation, preferably without footnotes.

Equation Editor – Microsoft Office package.

The title of the article: center-aligned, without indentations, in capital letters.

The text of the article: width-aligned.